Pay Jackie No Mind: Evelyn’s Daughter Shaniece Appears Unbothered by This Season of Basketball Wives

She's beautiful, booked, and blessed.

Basketball Wives this season was certainly drama-filled and although she was innocently dragged through the BS, Evelyn’s daughter Shaniece is out here living her best life.

There’s a reason why Evelyn Lozada was so livid when Jackie Christie made an unbecoming comment about Ev’s daughter calling her a “build-a-whore.” While most are confused as to what a “build-a-whore” even is, we know it wasn’t meant as a compliment. In looking at Shaniece’s ’gram, she doesn’t seem to care either because she is unbothered AF. What has she been up to throughout this explosive season? Well, a few things.

Evelyn knows her daughter Shaniece is a beautiful, young working woman who minds her business which is why she was so upset with Jackie in this Basketball Wives clip.

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