The People Have Spoken and They Want Quavo Featured on the National Anthem

For the culture!

We might soon live in a world where the National Anthem features iconic ad libs like “Heh” “Skrrt” “Whooh” and “Grrah,” and the internet is totally here for it. America’s most treasured song is in dire need of an auto-tune up. Well, at least one Kentucky man named Sean Gray thinks so. In an attempt to do the impossible, Gray created an online petition to help revamp “The Star-Spangled Banner,” by having Migos’ star Quavo featured on it.

“It’s the current year, 2017, and I think the nation should get with the times and feature Quavo on the National Anthem,” Gray writes on his petition. “He’s a feature on everything else, so why not?”

We couldn’t agree more.


At the time of writing this post, the petition has a goal set to 1,500 and has already hit 1,080 signatures and a slew of hilarious comments like “Do it look like I got left off bad and boujee,” “Quavo always does it for the culture, and I feel culture is most important for the United States of America,” and “Is it really that far-fetched given who the president is?” Never has truer words been spoken. If we could add on to this new National Anthem, can we bring Pharrell on as producer and SZA adding vocals? Thanks, Trump.

Make America Lit Again.


We know the National Anthem happens to be a hot-button issue right now thanks to Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police misconduct. See how the issue got VH1’s Baller Wives star Michael Vick in serious trouble at home.

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