Lil Scrappy Is Literally Roaming the Streets Searching For Bambi

Gotta give it to him. He ain't too proud to beg.

Lil Scrappy is heartbroken mmkay? And now he’s taking his depression to the streets of Miami in an adamant search for his ex Bambi.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star hasn’t been shy about missing Bambi since their breakup. Since then, receipts have been posted of text messages, throwbacks, and even songs and visuals expressing the pain of no longer having her in his life.

Over the weekend, Scrappy decided to kick off #OperationFindTheBam. When he heard there was a chance that Bambi would be out in South Beach too, he took his talents to the strip, asking random people if they’ve seen his love.

#operation #findtheBam we outchea

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He starts cigar in tow, “I’m going on a hunt right now to find the Bam. Nah, that ain’t her. ”

These fans look so confused but he’s clearly on a mission.

#operation #findthebam #haveuseenher #part2

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Well, Scrappy if you’re looking for her. She’s def out here, strutting.

Some people only hate you because of the way other people love you ‍♀️

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Somewhere. Lo siento.

In this throwback clip, Scrappy reveals his plans to leave Atlanta and Bambi to go to (gasp) South Beach.

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