Your Complete Social Media Guide to the Cast of Baller Wives

Make sure you tackle all of the drama by following the cast on and off screen!

Baller Wives premieres tonight at 10/9C, and we’ve got everything you need to keep up with the drama on and off the field. Don’t you want to know which baller is offsides and who is scoring a touch down this season? You’ll want to intercept as much of the drama from social media as possible. Don’t fumble this up, just hit that follow button! (Full disclosure: I googled “football jargon” to maximize my use of football puns. You’re welcome.)

Kijafa Vick: Instagram * Twitter

Michael Vick: Instagram * Twitter

Stacey Chambers: Instagram * Twitter

Chris Chambers: Instagram

Miko Grimes: Instagram * Twitter

Brent Grimes: Instagram

Asante Samuel: Instagram * Twitter

Jeniva Samuel: Instagram * Twitter

Aja Crowder: Instagram * Twitter

Channing Crowder: Instagram * Twitter

Kelly & Julius Jones: Instagram

Follow the cast on Instagram and Twitter and tweet along to the premiere using #BallerWives.

Meet the new cast of Baller Wives and learn what’s about to go down this season.

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