Issa Rae Promises to Give Safe Sex a Bigger Role on Insecure

Because safe sex is the best sex.

Season two of Issa Rae’s Insecure came back with the vengeance and is quite literally the talk of Sunday nights. With Issa and Lawrence navigating through the single life, they’re obviously both having their fair share of rebound sex.

While Insecure fans are totally into the juiciness and drama of single Issa (who is awkward as hell, btw), one major critique of the show is the noticeable absence of condoms during sex scenes. In episode 3, titled “Hella Open,” Issa randomly hooks up with her downstairs neighbor Eddie. While their encounter delivered lots of laughs, viewers couldn’t help but peep that the two of them got down and dirty without either of them reaching for a condom. Prior to this, the season premiere ended with Lawrence dropping by the apartment and leaving with more than his mail. The problem? Based on the way the scene was edited, it appears no protection was involved here either. When it comes to social media…let’s just say the house is divided on just how big a role condom usage is present in all of this.

Aside from the various think pieces basically asking “where the condoms at?,” there were also some concerns from fans on Twitter claiming the Insecure creators should have made the presence of condoms more apparent.

Others did not see the big deal:

Well, obviously the complaints about the show’s take on safe sex became too loud to ignore, because Issa Rae herself set the record straight to confirm the show actually does imply condom use in sex scenes and thanks to all your feedback, condoms will get a bigger role in season 3.

Although Issa was more receptive to the fans’ criticism of condom use, Insecure’s show runner Prentice Penny felt folks were being a too nitpicky about the issue, tweeting Insecure is “not a PSA, documentary, [or] non profit organization.”

What’s your take on Insecure’s approach to safe sex?

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