Watch Michael Vick Check Kijafa When She Starts Gossiping About Stacey Chambers in this Baller Wives Highlight

"Oh, you got in trouble!"

On last night’s premiere of Baller Wives, we learned that just because you’re a baller, doesn’t mean you’re not involved in a whole lotta drama. In this highlight, everyone’s hating on “Stalker Stacey” a.k.a. Stacey Chambers. From Stacey’s point of view, it’s all jealousy, but also a ~*mystery*~. Kijafa was totally cordial when she found out that Stacey lived across the street, but things changed when Kijafa’s 4-month-old Rottweiler puppy, Lola, allegedly chased Stacey and her daughter. How exactly this all went down, we’re still not sure.

Although Kijafa hasn’t spoken to Stacey, she’s totally comfortable talking about her. But one person who’s not cool with all of the gossip? Her husband, Michael Vick. In the middle of Kijafa’s sh-t talking, her husband surprises her by asking:

It’s kind of like every time you’ve cursed under your breath and your mom caught you.

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