Wondering How Solo Lucci’s Baby Mama Found Alexis Skyy? It’s Because Masika Told Her in this Love & Hip Hollywood Bonus Clip

"I can't tell you what motel she's in but what I can say is that she does hang around a whole bunch of people who don't like me."

Solo Lucci basically played his ex so now she’s out for revenge and enlists Masika for some help in locating Alexis Skyy.

In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip, Masika is surprised when one of her “job applicants” didn’t submit an application. Solo’s baby mother introduces herself as Sara and explains she didn’t track Masika down for a position but for answers. Sara says that what had happened was, she and Solo had a whole family together that Alexis is very aware about because the two women used to dance together. It’s no secret that Alexis came to LA to find Masika, which is why Sara wanted to share this story with her enemy’s enemy. Solo apparently made several plans with Sara to raise their family together, the two were even going to get a place. Those dreams quickly shattered when Alexis moved out to the West Coast and started hooking up with Solo. Now, Sara wants an apology from her baby daddy and wants to track down Alexis to share some words with her as well.

Masika says with a deadass face that she has no idea what motel Alexis is at, but offers up the petty-versioned Instagram handles of some of Alexis’ new Hollywood friends. Again Masika makes it clear that Alexis isn’t an enemy because that would require her to matter, but still wanted to do her due diligence in helping Sara out. You know, charity work.

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