Jeniva Clearly Feels a Way That a Fellow Baller Wives Co-Star Might’ve Slept With Her Man Back in the Day

...and maybe slept with her brother too!

No premiere episode of a reality TV shows is complete without giving the context of beef that’s going to carry on throughout the season. Baller Wives proved no different when Jeniva clapped at Stacey for sleeping with her husband, Asante Samuels back in the day.

While out with both of their girls, Jeniva just straight up accuses Stacey of sleeping with Asante in a parking lot back in the day. Everyone has varying reactions to the tea. They range from already knowing to wondering why this matters since it supposedly happened before Jeniva and Asante were even together. Things get even messier when Jeniva accuses Stacey of sleeping with her brother too, which leads Kijafa to question all the bodies Stacey has. Trying to stay cool and be the model wife that her husband would want her to be, Kijafa tries to defuse the situation, also because she and Stacey are neighbors. Stacey claims that Asante isn’t even her type and screams, “your husband don’t have enough money for me b*tch!” So who even knows what to believe anymore, but this isn’t the last time we’re probably going to hear about this.

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