Twitter Did Not Miss a Single Beat When it Came to the Basketball Wives Reunion

The memes! The gifs! The jokes! Never change, Twitter.

Y’all, last night’s Basketball Wives reunion was bananas. From Saniy’yah asking Cristen for proof of her abortion, to the on-going drama between Evelyn and Jackie, there’s only one way to describe it. In the words of Shaunie:

But even though the whole affair left us needing a glass of wine…or seven, Twitter was not about to miss out on any of the action. Especially when it came to choosing sides between Evelyn and Jackie.

They were feeling some type of way about that awkward moment when Jackie didn’t know her own grandson’s birthday. I mean, to be fair, so were we.

They didn’t miss a damn beat.

Some people had a few opinions about Jackie’s outfit:

And while most of the other cast members stayed relatively quiet on Twitter, Evelyn definitely had her Twitter thumbs locked and loaded for this reunion.

And although Shaunie’s friendship with Jackie was brought into question (again,) it looks like she tried to stay diplomatic through it all.

One thing is for sure, we’re gonna miss these ladies. Can we have a reunion for the reunion?

Evelyn becomes extremely upset when talking about Shaniece and the fight she had with Jackie in New York.

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