People on Twitter Had a Lot of Feelings About Last Night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Mostly everyone's just really confused about Brooke and Booby's "friendship."

There was a lot to process in last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Solo Lucci’s baby mama made an appearance, things got cozy between Brooke and Booby, Keyshia Cole is working with A1 now, Cisco took Teairra for a vitamin drip and assumed it was a magical cure for alcoholism…it’s all enough to make your head spin. As expected, Twitter had some feelings about all of the drama.

People couldn’t help but be confused by Brooke Valentine’s decision to drop Marcus Black and suddenly gain interest in Booby.

Spillin’ tea all over the place:

Everyone kind of just has feelings about Booby in general:

Misster Ray was on Twitter, too, but his biggest contribution was this burn about Zell Swag’s feet.

(Also, I think everyone needs to know that Barack Obama and Ellen Degeneres follow Misster Ray on Twitter so like…)

And Alexis Skyy’s outrage about Solo Lucci’s baby mama was just a little too ironic for some people:

Especially for Moniece:

There was also this question that I know y’all were thinking, too:

Don’t think we all forgot about the drama between A1 and Lyrica because of A1’s decision to work with Keyshia Cole:

But what we’re really living for is Moniece making sure that everyone’s got the proper spelling/definition of ’rabid.’

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In case you were wondering how Solo Lucci’s baby mama found Alexis Skyy, check out this bonus clip and be amazed.

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