A Literally Messy Charmaine Is Spilling About Kat and Ryan But Danielle Has No Time to Entertain It

Charmaine Johnise, Private I.

Charmaine’s drinking at the lake house may have ultimately cost her her job, but it also allowed her to be in the right place at the right time to see something huge go down. In this clip from Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Charmaine tells Danielle and Cobra about who she saw bopping out of the bathroom in her drunken stupor at the cabin.

Sad because she lost her dream job, Danielle and Charmaine’s friend-turned-enemy-turned-friend again, Cobra, stop by to bring her a giant teddy bear and a “sorry you got fired” cake because that’s what real friends do. Once the drinks get flowing on this girls afternoon and Charmaine cleans up the Fruity Pebbls on her chest, she’s ready to get something off her chest. Charmaine says that she thinks she saw Kat pop out of the bathroom, while Ryan was in the shower, making it all look sus as hell. Charmaine does say that her drinking that night doesn’t make her the most credible source but she saw what she saw. Cobra’s in shock, like the rest of us, since Rachel and Ryan have gotten back together this could be messy. Meanwhile Danielle keeps her face in the bottom of her drink, trying to avoid eye contact, which Charmaine even picks up on. Danielle continues to plead the fifth when asked by a producer about what happened so we will have to see how this plays out.

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