What Happens at Ashley’s Bachelorette Party Doesn’t Stay at the Bachelorette Party and Don Is Not Happy About It in This Black Ink Crew Highlight

Do yourself a favor and maybe don't Snapchat the stripper?

Nikki decided that it was time to throw Ashley the bachelorette party to end all bachelorette parties. There was booze, there was a party bus, and there was a casual stripper riding on that party bus. In Ashley’s words, “Bring on the penis straws!” But looks like nobody ever told Ashley that what happens at your bachelorette party isn’t going to stay at your bachelorette party if you put it on Snapchat.

Especially if your man is Don!

And here we were thinking that, after last week’s drama at the lake house, Ashley and Don were totally solid.

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ICYMI Nikki and Ashley ambushed the lake house on last week’s episode to confront their men.