Danielle Reveals That Kat and Ryan’s Fling Was “Not New at All” in the Black Ink Crew: Chicago Sneak Peek

"This is something that's not new, at all..."

What. Is. Happening?! In a sneak peek for next week’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago, a resistant Danielle reveals that she knows more than a little bit about this whole Ryan and Kat thing that Charmaine alleges she saw at the lake house.

After Charmaine and Cobra peep that Kat up and got her ish to LA on Instagram, Danielle says she was “[sworn] to secrecy” by Katrina but she can’t keep it to herself anymore. Danielle reveals that “Katrina is going through some s–t” because what Charmaine saw go down between her and Ryan wasn’t the first time. “This is something that’s not new, at all,” she continues, “Katrina swore me to secrecy but when I went out to LA, Katrina told me something happened between her and Ryan last year.” Danielle admits she feels bad for spilling the beans but she knew that Charmaine was going to keep going in until she got it out. She also says that Kat bopping off to LA was purposefully to protect herself because she definitely “caught slight feelings” for Ryan. Lordt.

Find out what goes down between Kat, Ryan, and the rest of the crew on an all new Black Ink Crew: Chicago next Wednesday at 8/7c.