Amanda Seales Had Something to Say to Lady Gaga For Expecting Black People To Have an Answer for Racism

Google is tool, use it.

Amanda Seales is a funny woman, but this is not Insecure and she’s not joking around with y’all today. She decided to put Lady Gaga in her place and of course, The Shade Room has the screenshots.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

As we all know, our country is going through it right now. As a result, race is on the forefront of conversations (not that that’s so new). Gaga took to Twitter to ask a real life question:

Tons of people chimed in with suggestions, opinions and responses. One of those people was Amanda Seales who was not here for the sh-ts.
According to Seales, “It is not every black person’s role to educate white folks on how to fix their racist system.”

Of course, literally everyone follows @TheShadeRoom, so when Amanda saw The Shade Room’s post, she took an opportunity to applaud-back (the opposite of a clapback since she was acknowledging people) those who agreed with her.

Amanda Seales is notorious for speaking her mind as it relates to the Black experience. Take a look at her in the original documentary “All Jokes Aside” about the obstacles that black women in comedy have to face.

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