Tammy Rivera, For the Millionth Time, Denied Having Plastic Surgery

"That’s natural babe, deal with it!”

It seems every other day, folks are speculating about the plastic surgeries celebrities may or may not have had. For some reason, if a reality star is blessed with a beautiful and natural hourglass figure, the assumption is that she’s had work done. Well, sorry haters. That just isn’t true for everyone – including Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tammy Rivera.

Tammy is one of many paid spokespeople for Flat Tummy Tea. Now, the effectiveness of these “get skinny quick” teas has been widely debated, but let’s just assume it’s got to be working for some people since, according to her post, Tammy swears by it.

A follower of the reality star hopped in the comments to call BS on Tammy’s endorsement of the tea, claiming her itty bitty waist is man-made. “People are offended by it because it’s beyond obvious that she’s had a LOT of fat transfer done to make her body the shape it is,” a user named O_her wrote. “Surgery is totally fine but being a fraud ain’t cool.”

Tammy, never one to let a slick comment go unanswered, crushed her IG haters’ dreams by confirming her hips and booty are God given, not the work of some surgeon.

“Y’all want me to have a BBL (Brazilian butt lift) so bad, well I never had a BBL. My a** and hips are completely real!,” she wrote in response to the comment. “I know it would make you feel better about yourself if I did but sweetie I never got my a** or hips done. That’s natural babe deal with it!”
For the record, just because Tammy has denied getting work done doesn’t mean she hasn’t considered it. Back in December 2016, Tammy confirmed that she would indeed be going through with a breast reduction in 2017 due to back problems from her increasingly growing bosom. It’s unclear whether she’s already gone through with it or still plans to.

For what it’s worth – a fan account called Tammy Rivera Daily posted this TBT collage of Mrs. Malphurs from back in the day and, from what we can see, she’s always had a beautiful curvy shape.
Sorry haters! She’s just #blessed.

Since inquiring minds want to know, we got the scoop on which ladies of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood have been nipped and tucked.

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