We’re Not Sure How to Feel About Blac Chyna’s Latest Project

Let's just say that it puts a whole new spin on your traditional china doll.

Blac Chyna has decided that it’s time to take the next serious step towards being a true entrepreneur. The 29-year-old model has decided that, while selling makeup and being in music videos is fun, it’s time to sell the next big thing: Blac Chyna Dolls.
The Dailymail reports that Chyna revealed her new line of dolls in LA last night.
While both of the dolls, which are reportedly 3-D printed, have Chyna’s signature curves, one shows Chyna with a blonde bob and bodysuit, while the other features Chyna with red hair and a body-con dress. The dolls even come with Chyna’s tattoos.


Needless to say, Twitter has some feelings about it:

We’re sort of stumped here, too. Are these dolls even meant for children? Or are they targeting a wider audience? There are benefits to Chyna’s newest business venture. For one, Chyna openly loves her body and owns her sexuality, and it would be nice to see a doll in the world that highlights a woman’s curves.

But some people question how good of a role model Chyna could be. Even putting aside her past, she’s been in the spotlight lately because of her nasty split with Rob Kardashian. Regardless, it looks like the Chyna Doll has her eye on Barbie’s spot. Look out Barbie!

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