Say So Long To The Calm Moniece You’ve Seen All Season As She Goes Full Jealous Girlfriend on A.D. in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Sneak Peek

Moniece is not above pulling a pop-up on her girlfriend. #TrustIssues

It looks like A.D. is at the point in her relationship with Moniece where she stops having time for her friends. Y’all know what I’m talking about, the stage that often results in angry friends whining, “We don’t spend enough time together!” So even though A.D. just wanted a night out on the town with her friend Tiffany, it turns out that Moniece is not about to let that happen.

And this is Tiffany’s face when Moniece decides to steal her friend away.

Side note: Moniece, girl, I need to know what app you used to stalk A.D. Was it Find My Friends? Find My Boo? Do you have her car fit with a GPS tracker? Moniece claims she “popped up” because she is getting bad vibes from Tiffany, but you’ll just have to watch next week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood to find out what happens next.

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