We’re Not Worthy of Britney Spears’ Shady Iggy Azalea Tweet

Bless it.

  • This is Britney Spears.

  • Goddess of Starbucks.

  • Supporter of vanilla candles.

  • And overall living legend. (You can look but don’t touch.)

  • This is Iggy Azalea. She once played an alien.

  • Over the weekend, Iggy thought it’d be real cute to place the blame on BritBrit for their song “Pretty Girls” flopping.

  • Here’s some more shade.

  • And this.

  • But Britney didn’t take this lying down. Nope. Yesterday, she tweeted this. (Keep in mind Iggy Iggs recently canceled her entire Great Escape Tour.)

  • We’re not worthy of this blessed shade.

  • The Holy Spearit is real, and she knows how to reeeeeeaaaad.

The end.