Lyrica is Not Happy When She Finds Out That A1 is in The Studio With Keyshia Cole in This Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Highlight

She did warn A1 that she didn't want him working with any other female artists...

We all knew that Lyrica was going to be pissed at A1 when she found out that he cancelled her recording session to work with a female artist. I mean, she definitely talked about it enough… But as it turns out, Lyrica was upset not because A1 was working with Keyshia Cole, but because he didn’t invite his wife to the session to write on the track. She says, “What bugs me and hurts me the most is that we’ve always been a team.”

And after talking to A1 for a few minutes about his session with Keyshia, Lyrica drops some serious truth: “When nobody thought that you were talented I sat up there and I was like, “Yo, you have to hear him…’ Now you have your shot and you’re not even thinking of me?” She goes on to remind A1 that she had to work for everything that she has ever gotten…with a few choice words thrown in for flavor.

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