“Missed Me, B—h!”: Misster Ray Antagonizes Zell Even More During This Week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Check Yourself And Adds To The List Of Animals He Thinks Zell Behaves Like

"Look at this ghetto flying roach!"

We already know that Misster Ray thinks that Zell is all types of zoo animals, and in this week’s Check Yourself, he adds a few different types to that list.

Masika still feels a certain type of way about Misster Ray and Zell’s behavior at her Khari Barbie event, but when watching the epic blow up between her two friends, she’s more concerned admiring her outfit than the WWE smackdown happening in this nail salon. We finally get to hear Ray’s side of the story when he explains that he was trying to be the bigger person by inviting Zell even though he claims he knew better. In addition to calling Zell a pet, an animal and a Tasmanian devil ninja to his face, he adds insult to injury and calls Zell a “ghetto flying roach” and a bull while also saying that if Zell was about that life, he really could have caught him outside, so howboutdah?!

Meanwhile, Moniece and Zell brush up on their film school terminology to break down what a treatment is for Hazel since she failed to provide one for that disastrous video shoot. Even though Zell doesn’t think Hazel knows what a treatment is or how to spell it, she proves them wrong by correctly identifying what is even though she didn’t correctly provide one for Chanel West and Safaree. As an equal opportunity shader, Zell didn’t miss a beat to throw some shade at Chanel for not being able to learn the choreography because if she needed to learn it, she would have figured it out. Hazel can admit that she was being a stank girl at this shoot, but still wasn’t sorry for kicking Chanel out of the video and using the set and the dancers for herself.

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