Black Ink Crew: Chicago Newbie Lily is Okay With Mixing Business And Pleasure When It Comes to Junior Diaz

"My family told me, 'you should never mix business with pleasure' and I always f---ing told myself that, but I never been one to listen."

Black Ink Crew: Chicago newbie Lily has never been one to heed wise words from her parents and is excited to see where this thing with fellow artist, Junior Diaz is going.

9 Mag’s dope new artist shares in this exclusive interview with VH1 that she and Junior have been dating for a couple months, despite warnings from her family. Those cautions have nothing to do with Junior per se, but everything to do with not mixing business and pleasure. The two already leaped into this relationship and although Junior is fake low-key getting on her nerves at times, Lily is certainly smitten.

See how their love story unfolds on an all new Black Ink Crew: Chicago, next Wednesday at 8/7c!

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