Booby Gibson Admits to Being Heartbroken After Losing Keyshia Cole and Takes Full Responsibility For Their Failed Marriage

"The last thing that really made me cry was going through a divorce."

Back in 2005, Keyshia Cole sang her heart out when she said “you can’t accuse me of all the things you know that you are guilty of,” and in present day, Booby Gibson is taking full responsibility for his split from his ex-wife.

In this exclusive interview with VH1, Booby becomes transparent in explaining what exactly happened when he and Keyshia Cole decided to call it quits. Keyshia’s ambition, drive, and stunning looks amplified Booby’s pain when the two agreed to end their marriage. Although the blame game could be played, Booby takes full accountability realizing that at that time, he didn’t know to be a man, especially to Keyshia. With the ink dried on their divorce, Booby found himself searching for the answers to his troubles at the bottom of a Patròn bottle. As a cast mate on this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Booby has bounced back and is ready for love. Keyshia is dope but Booby would never pursue a relationship with her again aside from co-parenting.

Now that his heart is fully mended, Booby wants to start a quest for love but fears experiencing that same pain he felt when he went Eric Benèt and lost the best woman he’s ever had. They may not be “Mr. and Mrs. Gibson” anymore, but his love for Keyshia is a forever thing.

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