Just Brittany Senses Jealousy From Other Female Contestants on Signed, Says She and Ross Strictly Do Business

"I told him my future is bright and it ain't going down tonight."

Five episodes in and Ross done flew Just Brittany (among two others) to Miami- on a private jet- causing the other contestants to look at her side ways. How does Brittany feel about their opinions? Welp, she smells envy, from the females at least.

In an exclusive interview with VH1, Just Brittany opens up about her Signed experience and the critiques she’s received while on the show. On last night’s episode (8/23) we saw Brittany serve body and bars while spitting a few different songs for Ross, and many of her competitors haven’t been shy in voicing they believe Brittany uses beauty over talent. Brittany remained carefree and humble while speaking with us, revealing her thoughts on the way she is viewed this way by her peers.

In this Signed throwback, Just Brittany gets into it with fellow female MC, Jazz Anderson.

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