Van Puts The Paws On Jenn’s New “Friend” and Starts A Brawl In This Black Ink Crew: Chicago Highlight

Jenn thinks they broke up and Van still thinks they're together so they probably need to figure that out before bringing new friends into the mix.

Van’s girlfriend, Jenn, has been on quite a bit of Black Ink Crew: Chicago this season. She was there for Ashley’s bachelorette party, the Lake House Pull Up fiasco of 2017 and told Van that she was ready to get married after eight years of dating. Van wasn’t trying to hear what she had to say so she left and very conveniently brought a new man, aka her “friend Ben,” to a music show knowing good and well that Van would not be happy about it.

There are a million reasons this was a bad idea, but lets look a few.
1. This man looks like a knock off version of Van and while there’s nothing wrong with having a type, bringing a muscled up, shorter man with a three letter name will probably make your boyfriend/ex-boyfriend that also fits that description feel a certain type of way.

2. Jenn introduced Ben as her “friend” but Van says after eight years of dating, he knows all of Jenn’s friends and he doesn’t know this one.

3. Van is known to pop off so if he smashed a window because Ryan changed the locks on him at work, he’s not going to react to this well.

4. Jenn clearly forgot to warn Ben that Van is not the one because when Ben got snarky with how he knew Jenn, Van pushed Ben to the ground.

5. This was Phor’s music performance so the whole 9Mag family was there to show love, so of course Don got involved and everyone is incredible hulking out. On top of that Charmaine is trying to run out with everyone else and Ashley is crying, all because Jenn wanted to bring her “friend Ben” to Phor’s show.

It looks like it’s time for Jenn to ditch this friend.

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