Check Yourself: Moniece Says If She Was Teairra, Everyone’s Catching the Fade After Learning Cisco Cheated

"In this situation, I walk in, she says 'Babe,' and I beat everybody down."

Moniece is wondering why TF Teairra didn’t drag everyone on set- including the stylist- the moment Cisco’s other girl gave him a lusty, sensual hug.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, the woman claiming to be Cisco’s girlfriend has the whole cast messed up. It was mighty bold of her to pull up to the scene, calling Cisco “babe.” If that happened to Moniece, she says she would hop in at that moment and beat everyone up. Misster Ray doesn’t understand why shorty side chick is so prideful in calling herself a “b—h.” She should have higher standards for herself. Masika finds it real funny how men love turn into soap opera kings, begging for forgiveness the second they get caught up in their filth. Hmmph! And then when Cisco blamed Teairra for his cheating.

Misster Ray’s face says it all. Ray is so proud of TiTi for how she crawled up out of the car window like a chick who had to check the woman in the Wendy’s drive-thru for forgetting the sweet & sour sauce.

On the shadier side of LA, Misster Ray thinks Zell Swag is ghetto, loud, and sweaty. That’s fine because Zell says he also leaps, jumps, and is flexible, kind of. Zell and Misster Ray are agreeing on one thing though, Nia is wildn’ if she thinks they would ever be friends. These two ping-pong insults like it’s second nature. It’s pure hilarity.

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