As Cisco’s “Other Woman,” Amber Diamond, Cries Her Heart Out, Her Stylist is Looking at Her Like He’s Just Trying to Get Back to Work

Looks like Amber needs a hug but sis isn't budging.

Cisco chased after Teairra instead of the “other woman,” so now she’s crying in the dressing room, heartbroken.

In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip, we focus on Cisco’s other girlfriend, Amber Diamond, and her dismay in discovering that Cisco is living a double love life. Amber shades Teairra through her tears saying “She’s old AF and she has powder on her t*tties, she ain’t sh*t.” And while she sobs, her stylist Joe is just sitting there listening to her with the only, “Damn, I’m trying to leave but shorty’s crying,” face.

Tearful Amber: Joe can you please try to find Cisco for me.. please?

Joe: Sis, I have two more clients and still need to check my group chat. It’s been going off since y’all came here with y’all mess.

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