Moniece on Lyrica: “You’re a Decent Writer, You’re an Alright Singer But There’s a Reason You Haven’t Made It As An Artist”

"Nobody shaded you or your talent."

Moniece is many things but a hater isn’t one of them. So when she was accused of calling Lyrica out for having no talent, she gave her her props, in classic Moniece fashion.
In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Marcus Black is taking the first round of petty shots from Moniece who feels the crowd didn’t participate when he was performing because he doesn’t have a hit. Alexis said she had a hosting which is why she had to dip from the event but Moniece claims, ain’t no hosting or a booked and busy. She went home that night. Moniece is all here for Brooke’s light shade towards Lyrica like, where’s the album sis? To Lyrica, it’s funny Brooke has so many questions because she hasn’t had a hit in a minute either. Bloop! It seems Lyrica has no problem with Moniece other than the fact that she pops off a lot, to the point where she crosses the line.

Meanwhile, AD needs to accept that Moniece and Tiffany are never going to be cool. Moniece admits to calling her girl’s bestie a walking condom, but the insults didn’t come out of thin air. It all came from things AD told Moniece about her. You know, pillow talk. Zell Swag damn near choked on his own saliva when Tiffany called Moniece out for being an opportunist. All-in-all, this whole kumbayaya moment is pointless because Moniece will never apologize to Tiffany.

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