Zell Tells Alexis Skyy That He Heard Moniece Washed Her in a Street Fight in the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Sneak

"I ain't gonna lie, I heard that you got your a-- whooped."

The streets be talking so when Alexis Skyy says that she and Moniece got it poppin’ it’s no surprise Zell Swag already knew the tea.

In the sneak peek to next week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Zell decides to take on a new client Masika wouldn’t exactly be cool with. Lyrica is shocked to see Zell and Alexis all “hey boo” because the last time they were together, purses were used as weapons. Despite how it looks, Zell doesn’t feel there’s an issue working with Alexis because Masika has been buddy-buddy with his nemesis Misster Ray. Lyrica wishes that the people in her life were that forgiving because Moniece and Nia have been shading the s–t out of her because of her friendship with Alexis. She gives them the full listening party recap and Alexis can’t help but roll her eyes.

Apparently a few nights prior, Moniece tracked Alexis down to beat that a– outside of a restaurant. Alexis shares that her PSA on the ’gram calling out Moniece and her family was obviously a trigger, adding fuel to an already hot situation. Zell couldn’t help but spill what a little birdie told him about the sitch that…Alexis didn’t exactly hold her own during this brawl. The gossip is all good, but does Zell need to pick a side even though he feels he can deal with both Masika and Alexis separately?

It’s all about that coin….right? Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, next Monday at 8/7c!

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