Chris Chambers and Michael Vick Are All The Way Over Stacey and Kijafa’s Beef in This Baller Wives Sneak Peek

He said, she said, she said, he said.

Poor Chris Chambers and Michael Vick actually believe that their wives can get over the beef that they have and these husbands quickly learn how naive their wishes are in this Baller Wives sneak peek.

Is it too much to ask that your wife makes up with her arch nemesis so you can hang out with your friend again? Evidently so if you’re married to Stacey Chambers or Kijafa Vick. All Chris and Michael want to do is be bros again and hang out, work out or start some businesses together but it’s proving nearly impossible since their wives are beefing up and down the streets of Miami. In this sneak peek, Chris asks Stacey to make up with Kijafa, but she refuses because she thinks that Kijafa commissioned one of her friends to “baptize” her with a drink. Meanwhile the Vicks are playing golf and Kijafa is excited that the property value will rise since the Chambers have now moved out of the neighborhood, but Michael thinks this beef is petty and just wants his wife to get over it. Sorry boys, but it doesn’t seem like the women in your lives are going to get over their feud anytime soon.

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