Red Alert: Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter is Basically Her Twin

This is not a drill.

  • I’m sure you remember Jamie Lynn Spears.

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  • She was on a little show called Zoey 101 and had a Pear computer.

  • She saved a Pita Pit one time.

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  • In 2008, she gave birth to her adorable daughter Maddie. Here they are at Disney World, which is obviously a tribute to Britney’s Mickey Mouse Club days. Her impact.

  • This is not a drill. I repeat: This is Not. A. Drill.

  • We know Maddie is Jamie Lynn’s daughter, but this is a whole new level. They’re essentially twins. Look at this throwback photo of JL from her All That days.

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SAME HUMAN. Is this The Twilight Zone? Please discuss.