Sneak Peek: Despite His Better Judgment, Phor Gives A Grieving Mother a Face Tattoo And, Well, She Hates The End Product

" that I execute and finish it, now you saying 'oh this ain't my son.' You gotta be f---ing kidding me."

Something on the surface of Phor’s soul told him not to tattoo a grieving mother’s face, yet he does it anyway and it damn near destroys him.

When a woman walks into 9 Mag asking to be inked on her right cheek in this Black Ink Crew: Chicago sneak peek, everyone is looking at her like she is insane. After she devastatingly explains that her son was shot in the face and she wants to feel the same pain he felt, Phor’s hard “no” is turned into a soft “OK,” even though he knows this is a horrible idea. Although he walks her through every step of the process- from stenciling to the finished piece- the woman claims she could barely recognize the man that is now permanently on her face. The woman’s daughter sees the resemblance from the picture in the tat however the client is still extremely displeased. Now, keep in mind, this isn’t an arm or a pinky toe, it’s a face so when Phor learns of her displeasure with this memorial, his spirit as an artist is crushed.

Will Phor have the confidence to tattoo again after this unpropitious session? Tune into the return of Black Ink Crew: Chicago tonight at 9/8c!

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