Keyshia Cole’s “I Don’t Care About Y’all Drama, I’m Here to Promote Music” Face in Nearly Every Episode of LHHH Is Hilarious

She gives zero f---ks about pettiness, drama, or mess. If it ain't the music, she nuh concern.

Keyshia Cole may have joined the season four cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, but it wasn’t to throw drinks, jump over tables like Tasmanian devils, or to put her love life on front street. She keeps it strictly about the music and in seeing her facial expressions whenever drama is brought up, you know that’s the only thing it’s about.

When asked to be on the show, it is clear this Grammy-nominated artist wants zero parts in the messy and the petty. Case in point. Zell Swag is Keyshia’s stylist and close friend, but remember when he tried to vent to her about “all these crusty b—s?” (Masika and Alexis). Well, in episode four he gives her the play-by-play of how Alexis splashed him with a couple of drinks before hitting him with a bag and Keyshia is legit standing there with the blank stare like:

As he continues speaking on who did what to whom, Keyshia takes a deep breath and says “right” but looks like she’s ready to change the subject, kind of how young Chloe’s face was when she found out she was going to Disney World.

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