From Rihanna to Cardi B, These Celebrities are Getting Us Ready For the West Indian American Day Parade and All the Labor Day Weekend Fun

Represent your flag because carnival is so special to all ah we!

Labor Day came so quickly this year (summertime ain’t loyal) and if you’re from New York you know what that means, time to hit the parkway. The weather may be a bipolar but maybe seeing these celebs snatch your edges off with their carnival costumes will get you in the mood.

Carnival celebrations take place at many different places at various times but in the Big Apple, Brooklyn is where it’s at. The West Indian Day Carnival Association makes sure it’s safe and lit. From J’ouvert (which used to be overnight but begins at 6am this year) to the actual parade, Haitians, Panamanians, Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Bajans, St. Lucians,etc. – people from all over the Caribbean come together to celebrate one thing, culture. It’s intense, its passionate, and it’s pride so don’t be surprised if you see someone like Cardi B wokkin up on the parkway or if Karlie Redd is bending over backway to RDX while still neatly eating ackee and saltfish.

Even if you’re not a part of any mass camps this weekend, take a look at some of these celebrities who turned up at Carnival in various countries over the years and get your waist lines ready!

It wasn’t carnival but Karlie Redd was definitely showing how she gives it up inna di sheets while in Jamaica dancing to reggae artist, Spice.

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