King Dillon Tells Just Brittany That It’s Time to Choose: “Fall in Love or Fall Back”

The second-hand embarrassment is too real.

There was quite the chemistry between King Dillon and Just Brittany, but at the end of the day, it looks like Dillon wants to make it out of the friend zone and into the end zone. Dillon goes to Brittany to see if they can talk and proceeds to tell her that he likes her a lot, admitting he “put [himself] out there a little too much,” before he throws down an ultimatum. For Dillon, “It’s either fall in love or fall back.”

It seems as though, even if Brittany likes him because, “In a situation where [she] felt like everybody was against [her,] he was the only person for [her,]” she wants to focus on her career and on the music.

I can honestly say that this was my face throughout their entire conversation:

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