Things Get Interesting When The Moguls Put the SIGNED Contestants to Work in a Strip Club

What would a hip hop competition show be without a trip to Magic City?

Money is flying in the air and so are the dancers of Magic City as they’re on the stage putting their thangs down, flipping and reversing it. Also on the stage are Jeff Chery, Just Brittany and CozyWithTheCurls performing their songs yet again in front of the The Moguls.

After getting a text inviting them (and a plus one), Jeff, Brittany and Cozy head to the club with JVOTI, Dillon and Ren where The-Dream, Lenny S. and Rick Ross are waiting for them. For the first time since starting his internship, JVOTI isn’t smiling as he’s literally in awe of what’s happening before his eyes during his first trip to a strip club. When Jeff’s single comes over the speakers, he starts letting ones glide out of his hands on to the dancers as he turns up on stage to his song. Cozy takes a slightly different approach when his song starts play because he’s not only a rapper. Brittany, who acknowledges that she used to be on the stage like this one as a dancer, has a different feeling now that she’s up there as an artist. All three artist deliver, but Ross says being sexy or having a stage presence isn’t enough to just make it to the top.

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