Relive Glastonbury 2015 With These 6 Brilliant Performances From The Who, Lionel Richie + More!

These are sets for the ages.

It was one of the most drama-filled Glastonbury festivals in recent memory, complete with last-minute lineup changes and surprise reunion performances. Who could forget Florence + The Machine stepping in for the road-weary Foo Fighters and completely owing it? Or the surprise reunion set by indie legends the Libertines or Patti Smith inviting the Dalai Lama on stage? Truly, this year’s Glasto was one for the books. But for those who missed the historic weekend, here are 6 performances that best sum up the transcendent experience.

  • The Who – “My Generation”

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    With Pete Townshend declaring that the band will end its run this year, this performance of their signature number is a potent reminder of how fabulous and legendary the Who are.

  • Pharrell Williams – “Freedom”

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    It doesn’t take a master of music to know that Pharrell’s song “Freedom” is made up of just one riff on a loop. But that’s the genius of it. The man doesn’t need complicated chords or intricate modulations to make a song that works. Also, watch his performance closely and notice that he is a bit teary eyed. It must be the song’s timely lyrics, or perhaps he’s just fully aware how brilliant he is.

  • Lionel Richie – “Dancing On The Ceiling”

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    Who knew that the largest crowd at Glasto 2015 would be for Lionel Ritchie? We’ll, it happened folks. His performance of his hit song “Dancing On The Ceiling” was so epic, the battle-tested ground security became a dance troupe complete with coordinated moves reminiscent of the Village People. It wasn’t planned at all (we think) since they danced in spurts. It was bizarre and sensational at the same time.

  • George Ezra – “Did You Hear The Rain?”

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    It still fascinates us that George Ezra looks like a schoolboy but sings like giant. Yes, that deep baritone is like a surge of pure, unadulterated soul. Don’t believe us? Watch this performance and prepare to be perplexed.

  • Mark Ronson – “Uptown Funk”

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    We know you don’t need to hear that massive hit ever again. We know that it has penetrated your skulls and drilled deep inside your busy brains. But if it’s done by Mark Ronson, Mary J. Blige, Grandmaster Flash, and George Clinton, we suggest that you offer your brains for more drilling. If it doesn’t get you dancing, you’re probably dead.

  • Florence + The Machine – Ship To Wreck

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    Perhaps the biggest story of Glasto 2015 was not that the Foo Fighters pulled out as headliners due to Dave Grohl’s broken leg. But last minute replacement Florence + The Machine conquered and made everyone bow in adoration. Check out their incredible performance of their hit song, “Ship To Wreck.”

Stay tuned for more Glatonbury 2015 only on its official home in the US, Palladia.

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