Kim Kardashian is the Queen of Dressing Up As Other Famous Women

I come bearing receipts.

Kim Kardashian may be one of the biggest icons of our generation, but it turns out that she is super inspired by the women who came before her. Gracing the cover for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Kim decided to pay homage to her “style icon Armenian queen” Cher. Just last week you may have caught Kim and daughter North West on the cover of Interview, where Kim channeled her inner Jackie O. It’s interesting that the most prolific personality of our generation wants to step into the shoes of other famous women, but it turns out that Kim freakin’ loves to play dress up. It’s all very meta: Kim is a celebrity dressing up as other celebrities while photographers photograph her as that other celebrity. Take a look at her best celeb-ception moments!

It’s official, Kim is an actual celeb chameleon.

We know that Kim loves dressing up, but she also loves dressing down. When Kim Kardashian, Chelsea Handler, Amber Rose and other celebrities post nudes to social media, is it empowering?

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