Moniece Is Shocked to Find Zell Throwing a Team Alexis Skyy Party in the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Sneak

"Masika, Moniece, go 'head and have your old ladies club OK? I have Lyrica performing. I have bottles going around. This party is lit."

When they hear a ruckus next door, Moniece and Misster Ray leave to find out what it’s about. They are left speechless when they see all the noise is in celebration for Alexis Skyy with Zell Swag as the host.

In the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood sneak, Moniece is learning how to be a better and more supportive friend, starting with Misster Ray. In support of her gay husband, she attends his launch party for his new company, Social Status PR. It’s real calm, a little too calm, which makes Moniece wonder, where’s everybody at? Masika is MIA again, and everyone notices why. They hear bass through the walls and go outside to check it out. Zell is turning up with Alexis, Lyrica is performing on stage and Moniece and Misster Ray walk in like, “WTF!?” Lyrica introduces Zell as the host and yes, he does the most. He shouts out his #TeamAlexisSkyy party, shades Misster Ray’s party, and proceeds to call him a marshmallow man. When I say Misster Ray takes off his shoe so fast to fling at it Zell, chile. Another round is brewing.

Notice how Moniece NEVER flinches. She isn’t just about that life, like it’s her life. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, next Monday at 8/7c!

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