Their Marriages Are Over But Booby and Brooke Are Still On the Fence About Dating Each Another

"With the relationship Brooke and I have, I don't think I will pursue anything further because just how great of a friend she is to me."

Out of respect for their marriages, Booby and Brooke fell back from each other. Now that they are both single again, the chemistry is clearly still there, but do they really want to cross that line?

In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood web exclusive, we explore what’s really going on between Brooke and Booby. The two have been friends for quite a long time and even left Texas for Hollywood around the same time to pursue bigger dreams. Booby holds his “little trill baby” Brooke close because she knows everything about him. Brooke is his safe place. The two of them had full families at a time their chemistry was brewing, but once they took those vows, they let it fizzle out. There is no reason for Booby not to like Brooke, She cooks, is pretty, and is witty AF but he’s still hesitant to to take their relationship to that next level. Although her mother believes Booby is really her soulmate, Brooke agrees with Gibbs in that their friendship is great the way it is so why mess it up? Once they cross that line, there’s a chance something would happen to cause them to break up and depending on how bad, they may even lose each other for good.

That laugh at the end when Booby said they’re just friends though. Yea, OK.


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