Van’s Daughter Makes Him Promise to Get Jenn Back By Any Means Necessary in the Black Ink Crew: Chicago Sneak

"We're going to get Jenn back...."

One little lady in Van’s life makes it very clear to her dad that she won’t be happy until he gets his other lady back. Aww.

In this Black Ink Crew: Chicago sneak peek, Van channels his inner Major Payne to teach his daughter Bri a lesson for scoring an F in Physical Education. Brianna’s reasoning for failure has everything to do with Jenn no longer being around. Doing this strenuous exercise doesn’t work for Bri so she proposes a better deal for her dear ol’ dad. She will do Van’s boot camp once a week but only if he tries to get Jenn back everyday, starting with flowers. Although he doesn’t want to negotiate, he does admittedly miss his wifey. In seeking guidance from his mini-me to get his Jenn back, a “promposal” doesn’t seem like a good idea to Van but he is willing to win her back, by any other means necessary.

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