Foxy Brown Shared the First Picture of Her Adorable Baby Girl, So Brace Yourself For Major Baby Fever

Congrats, Foxy!

New mommy alert! Rapper Foxy Brown, who celebrated her 39th birthday yesterday September 6, was in such a live it up and let loose mood she decided to let us in on the news that she became a mom!

Believe it or not, Wendy Williams was actually the first to spill the beans about the birth of baby Foxy (name still unknown) during her Hot Topics segment back in March. She explains that Foxy was asked to perform on the show earlier in the year, but declined because (as it turned out) she was secretly pregnant. Fast forward to yesterday, Foxy decided to re-post the throwback Wendy clip as a way of confirming the beautiful news.
Foxy then followed up with a clip of her gorgeous newborn. ?My Gorgeous, Greatest, Gray Eyed BIRTHDAY GIFT,” she writes in the captions. “GLORY TO GOD My GREATEST Hit? Obsessively IN LOVE.”
Isn’t she such a doll? Congrats Foxy on your new bundle of joy!

Speaking of first time baby pics, here’s the very first glimpse we caught of former Love & Hip Hop star Joseline Hernandez’s daughter Bonnie Bella.

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