James is All of Us Watching Bridget Kelly Transform From “Aunty Music” to “[Pum Pum] So Good”

You don't have to do this, sis.

The moment James linked up with his on-again/off-again girlfriend Bridget Kelly and heard “P—y So Good,” it was very clear that this man is the voice of reason we’ve been dying for on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

In an attempt to revamp her image, Bridget Kelly decided to collaborate with Ray J to create a new sound to match her persona. As catchy as “P—y So Good” may be, James isn’t feeling it and his facial expressions don’t hide his sentiment. When she first proposed her new single, Bridget was offended when James told her it was quite a big leap from the “aunty music” she’s known for.

He didn’t mean she reminds him of his aunty, but she did use to sing some soulful ballads. Granted, he didn’t mean to play her but that was for sure a long way from this.

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