Marcus Is Left Speechless When He Watches Brooke and Booby Kiss in this Week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

A1 has jokes, too!

In case you didn’t know, Check Yourself is normally shot way before the episode airs, so when Marcus sees the moment Brooke and Booby kiss for the first time, the man looks dumbfounded and totally caught off guard.

In this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Marcus and A1 can’t stop cackling at how ridiculous Booby’s nickname is. To them, he’s Lil’ Boo-Boo. Not the best nickname as Bridget Kelly says, it sounds a lot like a baby’s backside business. Ms. Kelly throws some shade to her R&B homegirl Brooke saying she always looks confused when she’s the one who creates the drama in the first place. Bloop! The second Marcus walks in, he was tight but has no regrets about unintentionally throwing A1 under the bus. The jokes about Booby are all fun and games until his tongue ends up in Brooke’s mouth. That, coupled with an “I love you,” has Marcus standing there sick.

On the other side of shadyville, Zell Swag and Misster Ray will have you die laughing with their commentary on the Alexis Skyy Appreciation Party. Moniece tells Lyrica to take notes on how to wear a colored wig with style and grace. The party next door sounds lit to Zell but Misster Ray ain’t here for it. Moniece’s apology earned her an extra chicken nugget from Swag but she is still not here for Alexis. She needs Miss Skyy to go back in whatever time machine she hopped out of. She’s not the only one who feels that way. Ray says it’s “f–k that b— forever.” Yikes.

But damn Marcus.

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