Wave the White Flag! Kijafa and Stacey End Their Feud in This Emotional Baller Wives Highlight

"This heifer is crying too."

It finally happened y’all, Kijafa and Stacey sat down at a Brio Tuscan Grille to squash their beef. Yeah, you read that correctly, Mrs. Vick and Mrs. Chambers have ended their season long showdown and it was surprisingly v touching.

Kijafa opened up to Stacey in last night’s episode of Baller Wives about her mom’s death a month before her wedding and how much pain it caused her. She starts to break down and explain how the comments Stacey made about her mother’s death during a previous fight really hurt her feelings. Stacey starts to cry seeing Kijafa so upset…and the water works will probably start for you there as well.

Both women agree that their beef was stupid and petty, so they decide they can and need to move forward without the drama. They both acknowledge this new “truce” will be put to the test at an upcoming fundraiser on a boat (oh no, not again) where all of the women, including Carmena (who threw a drink on a very pregnant Stacey) will be in attendance. Stacey says they should be good, but she definitely wants an apology from Carmena, especially now that she was able to apologize to Kijafa. Let’s see how that goes…

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