Stacey and Carmena Meet Again and No One’s Drinks Are Safe in This Baller Wives Highlight

Who knew a penis lollipop would cause this much drama?

Stacey and Carmena met again at Miko’s black tie fundraiser, and the reunion went about as well as expected. ICYMI, Carmena threw a drink at Stacey when she was pregnant, saying that she was upset after Stacey insulted Kijafa’s mother who passed away. Stacey expected an apology that Carmena wouldn’t give, but Mrs. Chambers kept her cool, opting instead to…offer Carmina a lollipop. Shaped like a penis.

Quality joke. I’ll give you that, Stacey.

And just as Stacey is getting praised by her friends for not resorting to violence, Carmena does the unthinkable:

She. Throws. It. Back. Flag on the play, flag on the play!

Well folks, from there it’s pretty much standard procedure. Stacey throws not one…

But two drinks.

From there, Stacey’s shoes are off, Crystal is running interference, everybody is asking how TF this happened over a penis pop. Here’s a hint: Nobody knows, but here we are.

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