You Won’t Believe Lyrica’s Reaction to A1 Hanging Out in the Studio With Blac Chyna

She musta heard that he's what's hot in these skreets.

Lyrica Anderson has always been very vocal about how she doesn’t approve of A1 working with female artists, but seeing as how he was in a session with Blac Chyna, we know she gave him a pass. The gag is that Lyrica was in the building too.

Model/actress Blac Chyna must’ve heard word on the street that A1’s the hottest producer out because she recently snapped a photo of the two of them in the studio. It’s no secret that the former reality star had an interest in spitting bars. Rumors of her latest money move began circulating earlier this summer. In the screen grab captured by the Shade Room, Chyna is pictured behind the mic and again blowing a kissy face to the camera while sitting next to A1 (swipe right.)

This is pretty interesting because Lyrica made it very clear he cannot work with other female artist (aside from Keyshia Cole) until her project was completed. A1 has had his involvement with several dope tracks such as “Party” by Chris Brown featuring Usher and Gucci Mane, “Don’t Matter” by August Alsina, and “F with U” by Kid Ink featuring Ty Dolla $ign, to name a few.

Lyrica’s reaction to this stu session? She’s all for it! In fact, Chyna was selfie front-camera loving to Lyrica’s single, “Don’t Take it Personal.”
Now that’s how you handle business!

In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood clip, Lyrica feels some type of way that A1 is working with Keyshia Cole.

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