Pictures of Cardi B’s Little Sister Hennessy and Her Girlfriend Will Make You Believe In Love If Nothing Else Will

Do you think they double date with Cardi and Offset?

Cardi B is clearly having a moment right now (that we all hope never ends), but she’s not the only Almanzar (surprise, their last name isn’t B) sister living her best life right now. Cardi’s little sister, Hennessy is glowing in the cutest relationship. Her girlfriend is a total mystery because they’ve managed to keep their relationship so low-key, so we don’t know how long they’ve been dating (but they’ve been together at least since February) and despite our social media sleuthing, we don’t even know her girlfriend’s name! But TBH who cares because they’re still super cute with all of their Instagrams praising and loving each other.

We all know that Cardi is about that thug life, but the way that Hennessy snatched the wig off the woman that tried to play her sister at the last Love & Hip Hop Reunion proved that Hennessy is about it too.

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