A Skripper Throws Singles at Charmaine for Calling Her Boo Cobra a “Sticky Fingers A– B—h”

...and no, it's not about Ray Bans.

Just when we thought these two ladies let bygones be bygones, Charmaine makes noise claiming that Cobra thieved Danielle for her watch and Cobra’s new girl steps in.

In this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight, Charmaine feels that there is no way Cobra just “lost” this watch Danielle let her borrow. Cobra’s new stripper girlfriend throws her bills at Charmaine since she wants to be paid back so bad and things escalate. Ryan already has enough on his plate and he has no time for this new issue. Charmaine calls the skripper a build-a-bear then the skripper comes at Charmaine’s alleged FUPA. It’s just a hot mess.

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