This Black Ink Crew: Chicago Highlight Proves There’s Nothing Like an Attempted Kidnapping to Bring a Couple Together

Please, don't try this at home.

Van took it really seriously when his daughter told him that he had to get Jenn back “by any means necessary.” Did he send her flowers every day like she suggested? No. What about a big promposal? Nope. Van decided that he would pretend to kidnap Jenn. The plan isn’t exactly clear, but Junior pretty much sums up everyone’s concerns:

But Van is convinced that this is the way to win Jenn back. TBH, I’m shocked she didn’t pull out some pepper spray. This is my literal worst nightmare. And Brianna is standing there lookin’ like…”Dad this was not what I was talking about.”

In the end, Van proposes with a pre-engagement key, which Jenn accepts!

We’re glad to see the fam back together, but please, y’all, don’t do this to your significant other. Like Junior said, you might get shot…or arrested.

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