Tay Walker and Marcellus Face The Moguls and There Are Some Crazy Plot Twists in the SIGNED Finale

"I'm holding my breath until this over."

The show is called SIGNED and this is the moment we’ve waited for all season. The artists find out who’s getting signed to MMG with Rick Ross, Roc Nation with Lenny S. or Radio Killa with The-Dream…and who’s not getting a contract at all. In this highlight clip, see the fates of falsetto-singing favorite Tay Walker and real laid-back rapping Marcellus.

After having undergone an intense development process, The Moguls sit godfather style in The-Dream’s mansion and bring the artists in one by one to give them a review of sorts and let them know who’s calling which label home. When Tay Walker first came onto the scene with a piano and a high falsetto in his audition, it seemed like he would be a shoe-in at Radio Killa because he’s like a sonic offspring of The-Dream. But there’s a a plot twist nyou must see.

Meanwhile, when Marcellus stepped in front of The Moguls Lenny S. gave him the ultimate compliment as a dope artist with talent for not only his performances but also his ability to keep it real. He looks like he’s been defeated until The-Dream co-signs everything Lenny said. Then Marcellus gets offered a unique two-for-one deal that no other artist in the competition will receive. .

Congrats to both of these talented artists and we look forward to hearing all of the music they put out moving forward in their careers.

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